Different from the traditional circumcision, laser circumcision uses laser beams to remove excessive foreskins that involve minimal bleeding since only small wounds are created. Compared with the old laser circumcision, the new laser circumcision which uses a specialized metal ring gives better protection to the penis and also allows more precise laser removal of the foreskin, avoiding the removal of excessive skin which often happens in traditional circumcision. After the application of local anesthesia, it takes around 20 minutes to complete the surgery. The wound does not require cleansing and full recovery is expected in 3-4 days. The need for painkillers is small compared to traditional surgery.

Item Price
New Laser Circumcision HK$8,500-HK$10,500*


*exclusive of painkiller and other medication

*The fee above does not include specialist consultation fee. An extra consultation fee of HKD600 will be charged before surgery. (This can be waived if you decide to have the surgery within the day of consultation)