The whole consultation will be conducted by a registered doctor and a health consultant. The medical check-up consists of a general medical examination, and a questionnaire about the sexual history. The medical examination includes a thorough check-up of the genital area, oral cavity, and rectum (if necessary). Many sexual contagious diseases can involve the mouth or rectum, especially when oral and anal sex has been practiced.

Urine test and blood tests will be conducted, and sometimes swabs from open sores or discharges may be taken and tested for various microorganisms. No fasting is needed for the tests.

Importance of DNA Testing

In order to test sexual contagious diseases, blood taking for antigen and antibody detection is commonly used in the market. Unlike such traditional practice, MHS provides comprehensive DNA screening. Compared with antigen and antibody tests, DNA detection not only offers a higher sensitivity and accuracy, but also shortens the testing time.

Demonstration of sensitivity for different tests using required viral load in blood as example:

  Antibody Test Antigen Test DNA Test
Required viral load in blood for detection 100,000 copies/ml 100,000 copies/ml 100 copies/ml
Sensitivity Lowest Comparatively low Highest

(Above number is only used as example which is not the required viral load in real situation)

Moreover, DNA test can detect common sexual contagious diseases which cannot be detected by antigen and antibody tests, such as Mycoplasma Homins, Mycoplasma Genitalium, Ureaplasma Urelayticum and Ureaplasma Parvum. These are the main cause of men’s urethritis. DNA test can also detect those which are usually transmitted to male from female including Candida Albicans and Gardnerella Vaginalis, which cannot be detected by antigen and antibody neither. On this account, DNA tests can be more costly than antigen and antibody tests.

As some sexual contagious diseases have no symptoms, infection can possibly be neglected. Therefore, it is necessary to receive a comprehensive check-up for people who have sex life.


Sexual Contagious Diseases Consultation HK$680 up (Extra charge will be required for extra medication and laboratory tests)
Sexual Contagious Diseases Assessment (per single item) HK$100 up